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XMS 2700LL Sodimm


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Sys Specs:

Gateway 520 Series Laptop

Intel 852/855 GM/GME chipset

Intel Mobile P4 3.06

Intel integated graphics

XP Pro SP2


Ok here is the deal. I added a 512 mb stick of the above referenced memory to the easily accecessible slot on the back. works great. now I added another 512 stick to the internal slot. wont boot, or will boot to the welcome screen and crash, or a Blue screen of Death comes up and disappears so fast you cant read it, or a screen of startup options appears. it is an endless loop.


The Bios is real basic and nothing to adjust as far as I could tell. thinking maybe it wasnt seated right, I double checked and all was fine. also switched the first stick for the second in the back slot and it works fine, so it is not a bad stick. this motherboard supports 2 G,so that is not the problem. did I get the wrong Ram for this motherboard? what am I missing here?


Thanks for any input.

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Lets get them replaced.


Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part!” and we will be happy to replace them or it!


I bought the first stick of 512 in September of '04 and the second one just 2 days ago, both from Newegg. I will try to get an RMA# from them for both sticks. I am unclear whats up with them not working togather but works with the stock ram.


Thanks for the help.

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Not sure either but lets get them both replaced and see what happens!

Ok Here's an update. Newegg replaced both modules and I just got them today. I replaced them one at a time, starting with the internal slot. booted up just fine. I then replaced the one on the back. computer booted to the welcome screen and crashed to a BSOD and then restarted and restarted.....

I checked the BIOS and it showed ram as 1024, so the system see's it but the cause of the failure to start is beyond me.


I put the stock stick back in the back slot and it boots fine. So, there is a XMS module in the internal slot and a stock module in the back slot. I checked the BIOS setup again to see if there is anything to adjust but nothing. Any ideas RAM GUY?



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Please try the modules one at a time one up and test them with http://www.memtest.org and when you turn on the system go to bios setup and load setup defaults and exit saving changes.


Ok, tested internal XMS module with Memtest. It got to the 4th test and up came a bunch of errors. I walked away for a bit and came back and all the errors had disappeared, just leaving a red area below, also the program locked up, no more progress in test. The menu below disappeared, the only way to exit was to shut off machine.


It tested fine with no errors when the stock and XMS modules were tested togather. Also tried testing both XMS modules at once but could not even get it to run, the computer starts up and it is just a blank screen, no setup screen, hard drive activity, nothing.


I'm frankly getting tired of messing with this. I have about concluded that this memory just will not work with this lappy.


Thanks for your time.

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  • Corsair Employees

I am sorry that you have has so much trouble and that is a possibility, But I would test the system with just our modules one at a time and see if its just a weak module. If you have the same problem with both modules, I would tend to suggest you just use a JEDEC compliant module with this system.

Also you might check with the system builder to see if they have newer bios as that might help!

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