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Corsair scimitar tracking problem


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I've just bought a Corsair scimitar mouse and have immediately felt that something is off while using it (some jitter). After careful examination I've realised that every time I put the mouse back on the mouse pad (after lifting it ofcourse) it makes some random movement in random direction, and then it can be used. This could be attributed to the sensor picking up movement mid air, but what I've found is that if I put the mouse down almost linearly and it doesn't recognise much movement during drop period, after I start moving the mouse, the mouse goes in some random direction and only then starts following my movement. So every time I lift the mouse to relocate it, there is some unwanted movement in random direction and if I drop it the wrong way (quickly almost flatly) it will not jump, but sabotage my next mouse movement by jumping in random direction at the first movement or blocking movement for a fraction of a second.


This can be noticed on every CUE version available and every combination of settings, but can mostly be noticed if mouse speed is normal because of movements not being too erratic or too slow. On the normal speed value it can be noticed a lot. It completely ruins experience for me, but I can not return it due to it being (I didn't know that at the time of ordering) Certified refurbished mouse.


I am also quite positive that 3/5 people wouldn't notice this because they're not experienced, so is this normal or not?


Comparing to 5 other mice I have in the house, this is only happening with this expensive one. I've tried also deleting CUE, but it doesn't change anything.


I've tried 3 different mouse pads with various sides and any material I could find and it still happens. I could make it work on a white piece of paper, but then the mouse would every 30th drop completely stop moving (jitter in place) untill I pick it up again. The firmware is 2.04 and I've tried both available CUE versions and without it.

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Thank you for answer. :) I've played with all combination of height/snapping/DPI/Speed/precision.... option combinations and nothing helped.


I've now done the reset as you suggested and it had no influence on the mouse.


I think now it must be a faulty unit. I'm going to try to strongarm the shady dealer into giving me a refund. No other option for me, except using warranty where in my experience it is a high chance they will not see the problem in the first place since they will move the mouse for 2 seconds and return it to the box.


The mouse just after gaining tracking of the surface moves in random direction on first movement and then starts following the movement of hand, or stutters in place before doing so.

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