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iCUE v3.2.87 is now Live! (Patch Notes Included)

Corsair James

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Thanks to everyone for participating in the iCUE beta. We have uploaded iCUE v3.2.87 to our servers so users can update through the software client directly. New users will be available to download directly from our website. I appreciate everyone's patience and understanding as we continue to sort through the reported issues and bugs. Please continue to do so and provide as much information so we can diagnose and resolve these in a timely manner.


Patch Notes v3.2.87


  • Resolved a crash from pinning fan to Dashboard/Space
  • iCUE now adds support for ML PRO RGB Fans and H110i Hydro Series Coolers.
  • SDK should now work even if you resume WIndows after coming out of the Windows Lock Screen
  • Resolved an iissue where the temperature value does not match the graph
  • Resolved a iCUE crash with VCRuntime and QtQuick
  • Resolved AXi language for the rails for consistency
  • Resolved an issue where Device Settings can be accessed despite a device not having any settings.
  • Resolved a text issue with different languages supported in iCUE
  • AX1500i now properly shows OCP settings
  • Default Lighting time is now 1 second down from 10 seconds for advanced lighting effects
  • Removed unsupported lighting effects from K55
  • Resolved an issue with Dark Core/SE lighting oznes
  • Resolved an issue with Vengeance Memory and lighting zones
  • Resolved an issue with RGB lighting on devices coming out of sleep
  • Multiple keyboarsd connected will no longer deselect keys
  • Resolved an issue with iCUE crashing with taskbar operations
  • Resolved an issue with DPI resetting unintentionally to default
  • Improved notification on how Lighting Layers can be disabled/enabled
  • Improved how widgets can be dragged to and from parent widgets
  • Draggable areas on widget have been expanded
  • Improved how layers and profiles can be renamed
  • Resolved an issue with Voice Prompts crashing iCUE
  • Resolved some issues with text being cut off
  • Resolved an issue with CUE Space not being able to be closed from the taskbar
  • Resolved an issue with names being cut off after edits
  • Resolved other various minor issues and bugs

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