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DDR3 Memory Problems


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I have 32gb of Corsair 1866 ddr3 "CMZ32GX3M4X1866C10" 4 Modules had it for a good few years now.


On my computer an asus z87-k works flawlessly on xmp settings i acquired an msi xpower ac z97 board a newer board with m.2 a top of the range overclocking board when it came out, from a friend


It refuses to work stable with the memory, ive also tried 2 psu, everything from default settings up to 1866 and xmp , changed voltages set timgings manually it just is not stable. Its even listed as compatible from the manufacturer and was purchases as a 4 module kit.


Is the memory likely to be bad even though it works on my asus board, Or is the motherboard likely bad I am wary of the risk of buying more memory to test on the board as I don't have any other ddr3 at the moment. I don't want to just chuck it in the bin.




P.S with the new board constant blue screens and I tried fresh install

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