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Corsair H110i not supported by ICUE


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I pretty much have corsair everything, keyboard, mouse, headset, soon to add a HX750i and a H115i cooler with LL120 fans, Commander pro etc


For now though, I have a H110i Cooler and it isnt supported by ICUE. Problem is that Link is handing it over to ICUE, even though it isn't supported (Link says ICUE is handling the H110i).


The H110i shows in Link, I cannot do anything with it though, not in device manager however? even though I enabled legacy USB and XBCH handover?? thingy.


So I cannot control it in Link, I cannot see it in ICUE, HWmonitor says not to monitor it as it conflicts with ICUE, therfore, I cannot see what the fans/pump are doing. or change the LED (not important).


As I have so many COrsair peripherals supported by ICUE, I would like to keep it. I am getting high CPU temps and would like to be able to monitor the H110i, do you have any suggestions?


Is there any hope of ICUE support for H110i in the future?

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