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LL120's stopped working


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I got the three pack with the controller, etc...

I had Link 4 and iCUE loaded. Everything working fine as far as I know.


One odd thing was on boot, only the first fan lit up. After windows fully booted, all three kicked in with the profile I had set.


Flash forward to today. I was making some bios settings and rebooting a lot. Now only one fan lights up and iCUE didn't see the controller but it still saw my strafe keyboard. It had a warning about 'failed to start clink service'


I put all bios settings back to default. I uninstalled iCUE, switched around the fan plugs on the hub, rebooted. Link 4 then said I had one led strip. I set it to flashing and the one fan flashes. I tried reinstalling iCUE as administrator and the install gets hung on starting services for a long time and then says it can't.


Link 4 says lighting node pro is being controlled by iCUE even though iCUE isn't installed! The one fan is still flashing after rebooting.




Any ideas?

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