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Remove iCUE and reinstall CUE 2 + C-Link 4.9.xx?


Or just reinstall iCUE over your existing iCue install?


I did this Add-Remove from Windows. Then installed it again.


Does not reset to "Default" profile.


That is why I'm requesting a proper procedure. Running latest iCUE.

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"Does not reset to default profile". Can you clarify? I am looking at your other posts, but I am not sure if we are talking about the fan speed issues, profile selection, color issues, etc.


The default profile is whatever is on top of your list in CUE. There is no specific default profile and if you stick a brand new keyboard on a new machine, you should get the three hardware profiles and nothing else. That default profile in CUE is an empty shell. Fans do not have a default profile in iCUE, as of yet.


If you want to wipe all your configuration settings, profiles, and everything else, there should be a box to tick called "remove configuration files" (or similar) when you uninstall. If for whatever reason it remains, you can manually delete your settings files by removing the C:Program Data (hidden folder)/Corsair/CUE folder. Probably better just to cut it and paste it to another location in case you change your mind or have anything of value in there. It can always be dropped back in to recover your profiles.

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