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HELP! Cosair H80i Liquid Cooler


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What are your coolant temps?


And can you fill out the rest of your system details?


As for the rise ... it's really, really tough to say. "Idle" is a pretty loose term and Windows is never truly "idle". There's always something going on. Between 2015 and now, it's certainly safe to say that you've installed new software, etc. Windows has certainly been updated. Without knowing what your CPU utilization was at "idle" in 2015 vs now, you can't really compare the idle temperatures. Additionally, these idle temps are going to be conditional on your coolant temp, which will be conditional on your ambient and, in the case of exhaust, your internal case temperatures. Without your system details, we've no way of gauging the ambient heat generated by your components. And, of course, if you've changed any of them in the past year, that can also have an impact.

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