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Been a while since I've posted on here, so hey!


My macros stopped working one day on CUE2, and when I was looking up the installer (to re-install it) I found iCUE. First things first, the installer - it's still got the "old" CUE/CUE2 design and it still makes references to "Corsair Utility Engine". Personally I think "iCUE" is a much nicer, more modern name, and would be more fitting as that's where Corsair seems to be going with the website.


Now onto the software itself. I am a huge fan of the new design. You can read everything (whereas before the text was so huge that everything got cut off), and there's so much space! So far it's much, much faster than the first 2 versions of CUE. There's still some elements of the older design poking through which I'm not too keen on though - the greys should be a bit darker like the forum, the rounded corners on Errors at the bottom and drop-down lists are too round, the shadows under the headings are a little too strong, and the gradient above the option panel is hideous (but I have a feeling this was going to be changed anyway).


A couple bugs I've just found:


  • The OSD Overlays setting drop-down doesn't update after you change it. The first box is still ticked
  • The Dashboard boxes are difficult to drag around. If this is intended it should be easier to see when you can and can't drag them - for instance, if you have to hold the mouse button down for 1 second before dragging, then the item should pop out just a little or fade slightly to let the user know it's ready to move
  • Switching between the tabs at the top is extremely slow on my machine


A couple suggestions:


  • When linking profiles to programs, it should be possible to choose from running applications. Like Discord, for example.
  • Profiles should be able to link to multiple applications. For instance, AC4 has two EXE files - one multiplayer, one singleplayer. You should be able to link a single profile to both.


Somehow after all this my macros still aren't working.



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