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Intel 875pbz & value select VS1GBKIT400 Errors


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Hi I purchased the Value Select Dual Channel 1GB about 3 weeks ago and have had all kinds of problems. Before I purchased this I had a single 512MB value select stick which worked fine. I wanted to upgrade so I got the Dual Channel pack. I've done the Memtest86 and only have 1 test pass and over 90,000 errors and counting.


The setting is 2.5-3-3-8 (auto setting in my BIOS)

The BIOS reads the dual setting fine as 512 of each of the slots.

I have the latest BIOS upgraded with Version P33 from the Intel site dated 12/4/04


I have a 3.0G CPU HT, 800 FSB, Intel 875PBZ.


Windows boots up then runs into errors or locks up.


When I used my Old single 512 stick it runs fine with no problems what so ever.


I tested the dual pack with one 512 stick at a time and it looks like only one of the sticks is creating all of the errors. Further I used the Old 512 stick and the error-free stick and my BIOS reads it as Dual Channel and have tested it with the Memtest86 and seems to be passing everything.


What should I do at this point? I've thrown away my packaging but have my original receipt so I don't know if I can just return the single stick or even both of the sticks to get a good pair. Do I need a RMA from you guys for the bad stick?


Let me know if I need to request a RMA.



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