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Corsair HS60 Headset - No Voices via Digital to Analog Conversion


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I have a weird issue.


I always use headphones for everything, been that way forever. When my new TV last year (Samsung KS8000) no longer had analog audio output I bought a digital to analog converter at Radioshack for $30 and plugged my old Razer headset into that, which then plugged into the TV via optical and everything worked fine and dandy.


Today I had to replace my Razer headset as the left headphone died. I got the Corsair HS60 after reading many good reviews and after being very satisfied with their Glaive mouse. Unfortunately when I plug the HS60 into my converter I get no voice tracks on movies/shows/etc. I understand enough about home theater to think this is a "center channel" not playing issue, but obviously these are stereo headphones and have no center channel. I have the TV and BD player (Sony X800) both set to output stereo. The headset works fine on my PC with games and music.


I have googled and found very little guidelines on this issue. Only thing helpful I saw was a brief aside in a post that said some "high end" headsets can't be handled by converters, but I can't imagine that's the issue here? If it is though, how do I know which converter can handle it? Or can no converter do so?


I'm without any real movie or show content until I fix this or return the headset and get one that works, so any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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