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Crystal 570X Need Fan Placement Recomendations


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Just built a new PC with a Corsair Crystal 570X Case. Components are the following:


Asus Maximus Hero X Z370

i7 8700K

G Skill Trident Z 64GB 3200

Asus Strix GTX 1080Ti

EVGA Supernova G2 750W


I currently have a Corsair H115i Pro in a push pull config with the stock front 120mm fans and the two ML140s pulling. I also have a ML140 and ML120 up top pulling air in. And one ML120 as an exhaust at the back. My question is should I reconfigure the airflow at the top to exhaust as well? just want the best airflow for overclocking. Pic:



I do have a H150i on order that is supposed to ship this week and I will be putting that in instead of the H115i Pro for the best possible cooling of the CPU.

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Top exhaust would be my normal preference as well, however I don't own this case. I know there are some 460/570 owners who like to the run the top as intake to try and force a lot of the GPU heat out the back venting and as a dust-preventative measure. I cannot say how effective this is, but you would likely need to keep that back fan cranked up since it is the only active exhaust in the case.


Since the radiator is front mounted, you can slip those top fans pretty quick and do your own testing. That really is the only way to properly assess this.

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I have in my Crystal X570 case in front 2 HD140+H115i Plat+2 ML140 in a push/pull intake air setup. I then have 2 LL120's on top and one LL120 in the rear as exhaust. I set my front HD140's at a static 80% until the temps get to 55C on the CPU then up to 100% at 65C. Since they are slower moving and quieter. I do this for a positive pressure in the case. I set the exhaust fans on a curve that has them at 100% by 70C@CPU. My H115i fans are set to be at 50% until 50C then curve up to 80% at 60C then 100%@65C. This keeps my R9 3900X under 70C in almost all instances except sustained 100% all core useage like folding@home where the CPU sits at less than 75C.
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