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Visual bug in macro entering


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When trying to add a macro, I saw different boxes without text next to it (fig 1,2,3). Other actions don't seem to have the same problem (fig 4,5).


The keyboard is a K70 LUX Cherry Brown US-layout.







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LeSnakk's suggestion and then also the newer icue that just came out. Maybe ensure DPI scaling is off and that your nvidia display is not doing underscan overscan etc? This is persistent through restarts? Can you try having a single display plugged in at a time? Might be worth a shot.


Font issues can arise when they are unavailable, but a lot of times there are fallbacks

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Thanks for the suggestions. I've tried them and these are my results:


Reinstalling didn't help.


Installing the newer icue didn't help.


Restarting the computer didn't help.


DPI scaling was set to 125% and gave problems. After setting it to 100% the text became visible.


Multiple displays are not a problem as long as the DPI scaling is set to 100% on all displays. If any display is set to 125% this would render the text invisible. Even if iCue was running on the other display set to 100%.


I notice that only the text after the square check boxes, e.g. Actions - Macro - Record Settings, will disappear with a DPI scaling of e.g. 125% and 150%. The text after the round check boxes, e.g. Actions - Launch Application Settings - Web Browser, are still visible with a DPI scaling of e.g. 125% and 150%.


If the text is before the square check boxes, they are visible with a DPI scaling of 125%, e.g. Actions - Profile Switching - Advanced Settings - Retain original key output.


I hope this explanation was clear about the DPI scaling problems. It would be nice if this would be fixed in future updates.

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