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1GB Flash Voyager not working


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First off, have to say that this usb flash drive just rocks. All of my friends and colleagues are jeolous. That's why I'm so unhappy that it doesn't work now.


This is what happened. I came home from work. I had used it at work with no problems. I put it into the usb jack at the front of my comp and a message comes up saying "new hardware found". I've been using the drive for almost a month so I was curious as to why my comp would not recognize it.


So I let it go through the install process. It finishes and instead of saying "Corsair" in windows explorer tree, it just says "removable drive". I click on it and it says the drive is not formatted. I cancel that and click on the icon to remove the drive and it says "ok to remove drive". Only problem is, the light is still flashing. I don't want to take it out while the light flashes so I wait and wait and it never turns off. So I power down the computer, take out the flash drive and try it on my other computer. Same thing happens even though I have used it on the second computer in the past.


This time on the second computer when it says that it is not formatted I decide to try it, as the info on the drive is backed up. The formatting util comes up saying 3.6GB. ?????? I didn't click on the wrong drive. There are two hdd on this comp, 80 and 160GB. Well what do I have to lose. I click on the start button and it says that it cannot format.


Fine. Lets try it on the main comp again and I will install the software that came with the drive as it has a formatting util. Install it and try to format. Again no go. So I uninstall the software, it wants me to reboot. Cool. Lets reboot. Except we don't go into windows upon rebooting but a black window saying "missing or corrupt hal.dll file". ????? I go on the second comp and google 'hal.dll' and find how to correct this problem. All I have to do is get a boot disk, "BartPE" to the rescue, and edit the boot.ini file. Cool. Reboot with BartPE, bring up a prompt. Oh. The C:\windows dir is completely empty. And so are a couple of other directories that I have been so @$#% stupid not to back up in the last 2 months. Alright!!!


Well back to the flash drive. I don't think it works. I've been to the store that I have purchased from. They have tested it and they say it will not work. I do not have the original packeging so they can't give me a replacement. They can only ship it back to Corsair or I ship it back. They suggest I ship it back as it will be faster. No problem. Can I get an RMA # please.



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Is anyone going to send me an RMA number anytime soon?


I originally sent in the RMA request form on Feb. 11. I've left my number with Georgette on Corsair's 1800 number, ext 260. I would really like to get a responce soon please.

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I am sorry but we were not in the office yesterday. I am sure Customer Service will get back with you this morning. But you are welcome to call them at 888-222-4346 and Dial "0" that will take you right to them.


It looks like no one has been in the office for quite a few days.


I've phoned that 888 number, talked to a young woman and have still not received an RMA number.


I've sent an e-mail to Warranty@corsairmemory.com and have not gotten an RMA number.


So what's the deal? How do I get an RMA number? I thought I would get one in 24hrs.


"An online form can be found here. Complete the form, and submit it to Corsair. You will receive a response within 24 hours, usually sooner."


Am I missing something here? I've never gotten an RMA number before. I didn't realize it was so difficult. It almost feels like I wasted the $141.00 CA on a usb thumb drive that I only got to use for just under a month.


You know how I started this thread by saying this usb flash drive rocks and all my friends and colleagues are jealous? Well I'm starting to tell them that it doesn't rock and to not waste your hard earned money on a product that lasts under a month and the company won't stand by their word.


Just tell me straight up. Will I or will I not receive an RMA number. Just be honest with me. I'm a big boy. I can take it.

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