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first I describe my profile, I'm a programmer and an amateur gamer, I spent a lot of time writing code, switching between different editors and using different shortcuts.I have recently decided to improve my work experience by choosing an excellent keyboard.I am currently trying to create my own keyboard. But some function is missing and I hope this thread can stimulate the development of such releases.


1) multi combo macro: using only one letter for a macro is not enough. I like to press a combination of keys that together have a specific meaning.

Example general propse:

Alt + O(open) + C(calculator)

Alt + O(open) + M(mail)

Alt + O(open) + E(eclipse)

Example for Gamer:

W+2 -> launches weapon 2 in the forward direction

S+3 -> launches weapon 3 in the back direction


p.s. is crazy to have 1 kay for every combination.



the order count: it could be great that even the order of pressure could count.

Example general propose:

Alt + O(open) + C(calculetor)

Alt + C(close) + O (outlook)

Example for gamer:

Alt + 2 + 3 -> use weapon n2 3 time

Alt + 3 + 2 -> use weapon n3 2 time



the colors count: being able to press the first keys and see which keys create the macro would be of extreme help


Conclusion, something like what I write maybe is supported now but the question is how much is the complexity of creating it now?


as far as I'm concerned if an easy way to implement what I said already exists now, I would be happy!! (currently, I speak of more than 50 macros that I would like to create using the idea described before, and something extremely slow, it would make everything extremely frustrating)

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