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Numkeys on top sometimes become unresponsive in games


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So I bought this keyboard a while back (June 2016) and it's been 98% perfect so I'm quite happy with it. But that 2% sometimes bother me a lot and it's the problem with the number keys on top of the keyboard. Sometimes when I play games, just sometimes, the numbers become unresponsive. This usually happens with games that require me to switch between weapons on the number keys. I tried restarting the games but that only fix it 80% of the time, same thing for restarting my PC. This wouldn't be a big deal cuz I can still use my mouse scroll wheel, even though it makes the gaming experience a little bit more boring and less competitive cuz I'm too slow switching things back and forth.


Then there comes Fortnite, whenever I build stuff I have absolutely no way to get back to the weapons to even use my mouse wheel. I've resolved to assigning one of the keys on the numpad on the right of keyboard (yeah they always work just fine) so I can switch back to the weapons and use the mouse wheel then.


:sigh!::[pouts: this is starting to become a big problem because it just builds up overtime. I'm starting to lose my patience every time and I think I can't stand it anymore. Is there anyway to fix this? Please help!!!

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