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Corsair One Customer Service Team will not return phone calls


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Sorry to come here frustrated with Corsair Customer Service and Tech Support, but I have no options left before I take to social media to try and get a solution.


I purchased a Corsair One Pro on April 3rd from Corsair directly and was excited when it arrived. I set the machine up and got to installing my games when I noticed a rather loud noise. It seemed that the GPU cooler fan bearing was DOA based on where the sound was coming from and after a few restarts I noticed that the fan had simply stopped spinning all together. I immediately got on the phone with tech support and initiated a ticket (Ticket #710483). I gave them all the documentation they asked for and they got back to me with two options, send the PC in for repair, or give them another $500 (on a credit card to hold) so they can email me a new PC and I can ship them the old one.


After saving for 5 years to be able to afford a new high end PC neither of these options were particularly satisfactory. I use this new device for work as well as gaming, so I can't be without the device for 2 weeks for repair, and I can't afford to be extorted for another $500 on top of what I've already paid to Corsair so that a new device can be shipped to me.


I just got off the phone with Customer support (yet again) and was told (yet again) that there are no supervisors or managers who are available to assist me, that there are no Corsair One specialists who can assist me, and that my only options are the two options that have been offered to me. The individual who I last talked to was understanding, and sent someone an email stating that I "badly wanted to speak with a supervisor" but I have my doubts that I'll get a call back as I have yet to get a call back when requested.


Bottom line, is this really how Corsair handles customer support issues? Push issues off until the ticket dies? Not call back customers who want nothing more than to work with you to come to a solution that works for everyone? All I want is a little communication, and to be treated like someone who just spent nearly $3000 on a new computer.


I can tell you this, I never had these customer support issues when I had problems with my Alienware.

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