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Crystal 570x fans will not run in pwm


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Hey guys.


I helped my little brother today with his new 570x.


After assembly we could not get the included RGB fans to run in PWM. They would just go full speed. If we put them in DC the lowest speed i can get with them is 60%


They are connected directly to the motherboard.


I myself have the LL series fans (which i think are the same as the included ones) and they run fine in my system.


We've used AI suite and the bios fan control from asus to control them. They do show up in corsair link, but we cant actually edit any speed or anything on them. Only the graph shows up.


His spec list is:

6700k i7

Asus Rog strix z270-e

16 Gb hyperx 2400 drr4

Corsair rmx 650

gtx 1060 asus strix


Are we doing something wrong here or maybe this is a motherboard issue?

Or maybe a command pro would solve the problem?

Hope you can help me

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The default fans for the case are the SP-RGB fans and they are DC mode only. And 60% is the standard lowest speed for DC fans. That equates to ~7V. Lower than that and it's not likely that the fan will run.


It's pretty easy to tell ... they should only have 3 pins to connect to the motherboard.

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