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Corsair scimitar Pro rgb fingerprint issue


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Since a few months I have a corsair scimitar pro RGB and have used it quite a lot playing games. Everything is fine with it as far as functionality goes, but I have a different sort of "issue", or rather inconvenience. There seem to be permanent fingerprint marks on the surface where my index and middle finger rest while using the mouse. It's not that clear to see at first, but especially if u hold it in the light (sunlight or ceiling light or so) it becomes very visible. I always make sure that my hands are washed and clean before using it. I even go as far as to use very thin gloves in an attempt to combat this (yes call me crazy), but apparently to no avail. I clean my mouse and keyboard regularly too to make sure that no filth can build up on it.


All these efforts seemed to not have helped, which makes me wonder if it even is filth or like sweat from long periods of using, but instead just the surface of the mouse showing signs of wear. It also doesn't feel dirty or sticky or oily, just the permanent fingerprints are there and don't go away by cleaning. So I need the opinion of you guys: Is this in any way still reversible by using the right cleaning products or is it just the surface of the mouse showing wear? Do any other owners of this mouse have the same "issue"?


I like to keep my products clean and new-looking for as long as possible, so I'd be very appreciative to hear the opinion of other people on this.

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