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ML 120 Pro RGB and LL120


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Hello everyone, im looking at doing a cooling upgrade,

parts list is

3 pack of LL120,

3 pack of ML 120 pro rgb

3X dual packs of ML 120 pro non rgb

140 ML 120 pro rgb

1 Commander pro

4x 4pin pwm 3 way splitters


I have a 4 sided tg case i would like

An pe 360(intake) in the front with LL120 in push and ml pro non rgb in pull

An xe360(intake) up top with Ml 120 non rgb in push and ml 120 rgb in pull

then a ML 140 rgb as an exhaust


will both the ML rgb fans and the LL120 fans sync up and look nice or are they not compatible?


Thanks for the help

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The will sync up if you use iCue and Lighting Link effects.


With Link, you'll be able to get a minimal level of synchronization depending on effect.


One other comment ... I would not recommend the 3 way splitters with the CoPro. Lots of folks have used 2 way splitters with no issues but we've seen several users with issues and 3 way splitters on the CoPro. It may work for you ... or it may die after working for a while.

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