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CUE Auto profile switching, found the offending program

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So i spent all morning long trying to figure out why my CUE profile intermittently switches off my gaming profile. I opened CUE on one window and my game on another, and while focused in my game i would see the profile "blink" between the two. When I run the game in Full screen it works fine, but goddammit i dont want to run my game in full screen, i want windowed fullscreen!


So i checked my running tasks and it turns out that the RGB fusion application from gigabyte (the one that is currently controlling my Trident Z G.Skilll ram LED's) is bringing CUE's focus out of my game for very short bursts which breaks my repeating macro. I had to switch to a manual profile switch button but that really sucks, that LED management software is messing up my CUE auto profile. Anyone experience anything like this? I can uninstall the RGB profile but then my trident Z's just start pulsing their own colors not in sync with each other, its chaos. So many first world problems.

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