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DisplayPort shows No Signal when going through KVM


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Hey there,


I'm trying to utilize a 2 machine, 1 monitor, 1 keyboard & mouse KVM setup:




Corsair One Pro Plus [CS-9000013-NA]

Mac Pro 2013




Acer Predator XB271HU 27" (1440p / 165hz) which only has 1 DisplayPort.


Keyboard / Video / Mouse Switcher (KVM)


Tripp Lite 2-Port DisplayPort KVM Switch (B004-DP2UA2-K)


Before the Corsair One, I had an older gaming PC (w/ a GTX970) and this KVM switch solution was working fine. It could do 165hz at 1440p. Now that I've connected the Corsair One (all drivers fully up-to-date)- the KVM signal fails. I get a 1 second flash of my PC desktop before it goes to black and displays "No Signal". If I switch it to the Mac and then back, same thing - 1 second flash of an image and then black. So the video signal is getting through the unit to a certain point and then something is shutting it down.


Troubleshooting I've tried with no luck:


I've tried bypassing the KVM with straight DisplayPort cable and it works fine.


Straight HDMI cable also works fine.


Unplugging the power of the Corsair One & the Monitor for 1 minute and plugging them back in.


Mac Pro 2013 via DisplayPort through KVM (still) works fine.




So it seems the KVM unit is the problem but it worked fine before with my older PC - so I'm very perplexed.


Any ideas of what else I can try?

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  • Corsair Employees
We don't recommend using a conversion or extension for display on the CORSAIR ONE. the display ports on CORSAIR ONE are extended via an extension box inside, that could be the reason why. If you were to connect to the display port on the graphic card directly, I don't think you will have any issue. With that said, you should try all the display port first.
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Thanks for the response StormShadow - that definitely explains the issue. Pretty bummed to find this out though as my whole system is kind of built around the use of a KVM.


I know you said Corsair doesn't recommend any extensions or conversions - but do you think a simple DisplayPort mechanical switch (not a KVM) *might* have a chance of working? Something like this: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B074KT689K/?coliid=I2DUKJLI4Z7H18&colid=EBFFYC5GIDB6&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it


If not, I'll just have to resort to using the 2 inputs on my monitors (HDMI for Mac, DisplayPort for PC) and manually switching the screen through the monitors OSD. Not as elegant as flicking a switch (and I won't be getting 144hz on my Mac) but this should work.

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