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Laptop memory problem


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I purchased Value Select 512MB 200-pin DDR so-dimm from http://www.dabs.com in October last year. My laptop is a Hi-Grade Ultinote M6600 http://www.higrade.com. All has been working fine until recently when after the laptop had been powered on for about 5hrs, when an application error occured. Before I could read the message the pc had rebooted. However, it would not then fully boot up. It would cycle, constantly bringing up the blue screen, but immediately rebooting. I tried to boot of the OEM recovery CD, but this didn't have any success, constantly getting boot errors. However these were inconsistent, e.g. acpi.sys, pci.sys or cdfs.sys etc being corrupt. At one point it mentioned that recent h/w may be causing the problem, so I removed the memory & the laptop worked fine. I ran memtest86 3.2 with the memory back in & it immediately reported faults.




Paul Jones

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