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Help! Do I have my fans and lighting set up correctly?


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Hi, I'm new to PC building and I just wanted to confirm I have this setup correctly—I'm assuming I do not—I just installed iCue and noticed that only my H115i and Commander Pro are showing, but I also have two LL120 fans, two LL140 fans, and three lighting strips installed.


I also have a "CPU Fan Error!" message on my motherboard. CPU is staying cool and all pieces are lit up, fans are spinning, but there are no readings in the BIOS and they're not appearing in iCue.


Here's my setup: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/FZgrV6


Here's how I have everything connected—




H115i Pro—Installed on Mobo.

  • Fans replaced by LL140x2
  • USB connected to Mobo USB header.
  • Connected to Mobo AIO-PUMP header.
  • Connected to SATA Power

Commander Pro—

  • Connected to MB USB header
  • Connected to SATA Power

Node Pro—

  • USB connected to USB header on CPro
  • Connected to SATA Power

LED Hub—

  • End connector connected to LED1 on Node Pro

LL140 (1)

  • Fan connected to Fan 1 on CPro
  • LED connected to 1 on LED Hub

LL140 (2)

  • Fan connected to Fan 2 on CPro
  • LED connected to 2 on LED Hub

LL120 (1)

  • Fan connected to Fan 3 on CPro
  • LED connected to 3 on LED Hub

LL120 (2)

  • Fan connected to Fan 4 on CPro
  • LED connected to 4 on LED Hub

LED Strips

  • LED Strip (x1) connected to LED2 on Node Pro
  • LED Strip (x3 chained) connected to LED1 on CPro

Other Connections—

  • Front panel USB connector connected to USB header on CPro


If anyone has an idea of what I've done wrong here, let me know—I'm fairly confused at this point :confused:. Thank you!!

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The H115i PRO cooler should be connected to the CPU_FAN header (as detailed in the installation instructions). This will get rid of the CPU_Fan warning. See A7 in the Cooler FAQ (Linked in my signature).


You don't need the Lighting Node Pro (NoPro) at all; with iCue, you can have up to 6 strips in a single channel. And you'll have plenty of extensions if you need them.


The LEDs and Fan Speeds are controlled with the Commander Pro, not separately. You need to configure your lighting channels and fan curves there. You might want to check out the RGB FAQ (also in my signature) and in the "iCue for the Link User" video series, I do show how to configure the lighting channels ... in the Getting Started video, I believe. That's also in my signature.

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Good on you for making those videos. Incredibly helpful. Thank you so much for replying—you saved me a whole lot of head-ache. Dumping the Node Pro and playing with iCue fixed the confusion. Upvoted your videos, and subscribed. Thanks!
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