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LL120 Fans RGB Not Working


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Hey whats up guys im new here and well i just upgraded my rig im currently suffering an issue here. Now my rig was working fine all the fans we're lit up but they stayed in its Spectrum form for some reason i couldn't change the colors at all.. Anyways i have 7 Fans but i only want 6 of them to light up. And i had recently installed the NZXT USB HUB which seems to be working fine just 1 issue..... Only 1 of my fans Turn on (they all spin, but only 1 fan lights up). Been trying to figure out the issue now im not Computer Genius either but some help would be good :( !! I'll leave here what other specs i have on :


• 5 Corsair LL120 (4 in the front, 1 as the exhaust)

• 2 Corsair LL140 (Attached to Radiator for Water Cooling)

• Corsair Lighting Node Pro + PWM control

• NZXT Kraken x6• NZXT Hue+ (4 RGB Strips that are working Perfectly Fine)

• NZXT USB Internal Hub

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