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Looking for fan shroud for hydro GFX vid card radiator


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I recently purchased the Corsair 1080ti hydro GFX video card, which I love except for the included fan. It has a white LED that is impossible to turn off without physically cutting the fan cable (regardless of whether one has a commander pro, lighting node pro, CUE, etc). I have a 140mm ML pro RGB fan that used to go in the case where the 120mm radiator/fan for the card is now, and I’d like to replace the 120mm white LED fan with my 140mm RGB one, but I know that it would be important to use a shroud if I do this since it would be blowing through a radiator.


Unfortunately, all the shrouds I’ve been able find have a circular hole at the 120mm end and a square hole at the 140mm end, and ideally what I’d want is exactly the opposite - a circular 140mm hole to capture all the air coming from the [obviously] circular fan that focuses it onto the square [120mm] area of the radiator. Even a square-to-square shroud would be ok, but a circular 120mm hole would only run across less than 80% of the radiator (really this is the same situation as using a circular fan with any square radiator - not sure why everyone uses this design without throwing in some kind of adaptor/shroud so that you get airflow across the whole radiator).


Does anyone know where I can find such a product? I’ve looked on amazon, newegg, fry’s, and a few other sites but haven’t had any luck. I could just purchase a 120mm ML pro RGB fan, but I’d prefer not to do this, as it would be more expensive, I’ve already replaced the two non-RGB fans that came with the H115i PRO RGB cooling system (not sure why they weren’t RGB in the first place since RGB is in the name of the product), and I’d prefer to run a larger fan if possible to keep fan speed/noise level down.

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