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Experiencing key hang/presses not registering K65 rgb win7


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Hey all, longtime fan of Corsair and like using CUE as well. Sadly I've run into a problem for about the past year with the CUE software.


With my K65 RGB keyboard, there are considerable problems whenever CUE program is on. Key presses often don't register, or conversely, "hang" and hold the key down way too long.


I assume it's a software issue since when the program is off, everything works perfectly again.


I'm on win 7 here. Tried a total uninstall and fresh reinstall of CUE, reupdated the keyboard drivers holding ESCAPE when i plugged it in, tried every polling rate switch setting, and the problem persists.


It's currently plugged in via one cable only to a 3.0 usb.

power settings for USB in windows are set to always on as per a forum suggestion i read here.


Hate to be "that guy" running to the forums and I have googled for quite a while trying to fix it, to no avail

Would really love to fix this issue as the RGB settings are way cooler when CUE is on, and I really miss the lock key functionality as well! Thanks everyone ::pirate::

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