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Latest iCUE software issue RESOLVED 😃


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The following is a comment I posted on another forum to a few other people that were having the same issues;


I bought this board about 3weeks ago and I just love it ! I like the rgb colours, I like the overall premium feel, the board colour itself [i got the black version instead of the space gray], the supports and the frame is rock solid so there’s no board “flexing” if you press down on the middle. Even with the extended underside feet. But the thing I LOVE the most !....are those cherry mx speed switches...dayyyyyMM they are sweet.


Someone in an earlier post verbally “urinated” on Corsair’s choice of key fonts...pffft, Personally?, I like em, they’re actually quite stylish...giving a contemporary look to the board itself. But he’s entitled to his opinion I guess....even if he’s wrong...


In another comment, someone had a legit beef regarding the drivers. Interesting he should say that because I was having a HELLUVA time with the CUE software. After I got the board I was having MAAAAAJOR issues with the CUE software holding onto any of the 3 onboard profiles [K95 HW1, HW2, or HW3]. After I would select a profile, or create a custom profile, I would proceed to click on another app, or go to launch my game....the board’s lights would go blank....ORRRR it would revert back to the that extra folder that’s built into the software called “DEFAULT” , gang....it was driving me NUTS!! I have a defective board here....>>>>>”Or so I thought”<<<<<


Issue number 2; ....random keys, sometimes only 1, other times it was 3, etc, would light as green, no matter what light profile I had selected. So now I’m thinking “NNNNNOOOOOO now it’s a hardware issue.>>>>>”Or so I thought”<<<<<.... I did NOT want to have to RMA this board. Stay with me gang, because there’s an AWESOME ending to this saga ok?


Issue number 3; my windows lock key or my profile selector at top left, randomly stops working, >>>>>“or so I thought”<<<<<


After many back and forth’s with Corsair tech support tickets, emails, phone calls, software rollbacks, reinstalls, firmware updates....etc, NOTHING WAS FIXING THIS....>>>>>Or so I thought<<<<< So the last tech guy [their tech support are great for response time and one on one phone support by the way], was talking me through the profile issue, told me to [uninstall the old CUE SOFTWARE, CLEAN THE REGISTRY, REMOVE OLD CUE SOFTWARE FOLDERS, AND DOWNLOAD THE NEW iCUE SOFTWARE]. I did that, then installed the new iCUE... Anyway, we were in the final steps before I was going to test it, when he got to the final part of the instructions....


T H I S IS THE BEST PART FOLKS !!!!! *****Please read on ok, I promise you will want to know this*****


Tech support guy, his words; “Now once you’ve selected the profile you want,, and customized to your liking, close the iCUE software” ...wait for it....”he goes on to say “Go to your system tray at the bottom right of your screen, left click to expand it, locate the Corsair ICUE icon, right-click it, and select close/exit”.......Well LO AND behold the profile folder I selected at the beginning lights up!!!! “Nnnno....this ca.....WHUUUUUUT this is incredible” I say to him. All of a sudden, everything is now working !!!! I mean everything 😎👍😂️ and NO MORE RANDOM GREEN KEY COLOR SHOWING UP EITHER !!!


So of course I wanted an explanation so I asked him about that “DEFAULT” folder present in the iCUE program; He said it’s there because in order for the iCUE software to be backwards compatible with older boards, it must be present...ok cool.


Then I asked him about why the folder would change if I click on my desktop. He said that because the program is not fully closed, when you click anywhere else on the desktop of another program to open, it reverts back to the original default folder. He goes on to say that iCUE should only be left open when you’re modding or creating a new profile. And once done, you need to go to the systray at bottom right of desktop, and close/exit the Corsair iCUE icon..Does that makes sense?

Because all this time from the beginning, I was leaving the iCUE program open on my desktop [who DOESNT do this when moving from program to program right?!?!] I do that all the time. But apparently iCUE must be fully exited when finished using it.


I then asked him about the random green key colours showing up; he said keep an eye on it, and if it comes back, I can then open a ticket, refer it to the first ticket I opened, and they will happily RMA the board for me. 😃😃😃😃😃

*****NOTE; I have not had ANY issues since then. And it’s been almost a week and I’ve gaming harrrrd with BF4 😁👍


All’s well that ends well eh ?!?!?!

Apologies for the lonnnng post gang, but I just wanted to put this out there in an effort to maybe help someone else that may be having similar issues, and read about how I resolved it. And that’s what this forum is all about right ?


My comp specs are in my profile and if anyone has any questions, please, feel free to ask. I hope this helps someone else.

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