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Some keys colors dimed


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Hi guys,


I have a K70 LUX RGB (actually second one, first one had to RMA due to double-tapping issues with the switches).


This one is showing a issue I saw before on my first one, but on this one I'm not able to fix it by any means.


Some of my keys aren't displaying the proper color or either having a different light tone than other colours. The keys affected are:

A, M, Z


If I use white (only white, no other overlays nor anything else), A shows blue (very dimed), Z shows blue (lighter) and M is clearly yellow.


If I use i.e. dark blue tone, all keycaps looks good except of these 3 which shows the same tone but different light. With some colors is more noticeable with others being white the most.


I've updated CUE, have the latest firmware on my keyboard, and tried removing profiles, adding new ones, trying even with some other presets such as the rainbow and if you look close you can even notice in these, that these 3 keys have different colours.


The keyboard was RMA'd on December, and received on January, so it's almost brand new (got 3 months and something).


I've seen many other posts talking about this issue, but none of them leading to a solution, but just linking other similar posts, ending up in a bucle.


Does somebody reached a solution for this yet? Hope I don't need to RMA my KB again, since I have to pay the sending fees and it will be the second time...







White - Focus on A Z keys



White - Focus on M key



Blue - AZM keys dimed


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I got my K70 RGB a few years ago, and yesterday it started displaying the wrong colors and randomly disconnecting and connecting (i heard the windows 10 notification sounds and then realized it was my keyboard). i tried to plug it holding the ESC key but didnt help.
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