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BAD RAM or what? HELP


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I am just upgrading my computer. I got AV8 MB, 1024 Corsair 3200XL Twin, AMD64 3200+. Here is the problem. The MB would not even power up initially. went to Abit tech support, he said either bad MB or PSU. I had an Enermax 431W and went to Antec True 550W. Now it posts and even boots to Windows, but after some time up and I do a hard boot the computer will go into an ON OFF cycle every 3-5 seconds. I bought a Gigabyte K8NS and I get a continual reboot sequence. I ran MEMTEST 86 3 cycles no errors. Now I have an ancient MSI Ti4600 VGA card so now I'm thinking either video not compatible, bad CPU(boxed not OEM) or MEMTEST didn't pickup the problem. Any FAST HELP would be GREATLY APPRECIATED.
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