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Problems with creating a shift-keystroke macro


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Greetings everyone.


I just gotten the New K95 keybord and it Works great.


However am struggeling to understand what to do if i want to macro a multiple keyentry.


Say i want to do this.


Press shift E , and have the macro press 1 then 2


I managed to get it working with just E ofcourse, but i am wondering if anyone knows if this is possible, the things i found on it where confusing and i dont know if they applied to the k95.


Thanks in advance

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Hey Valarian,


In short in the Actions column click "Create Action" then define which key you would like it to represent.


Underneath the image of the keyboard you want to change from "Macro" to "A>B Remap Key."


In the "Key function" set it to "Keystroke" and in the box type in the command you desire.

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@Corsair Lettuce, that's not what the OP is asking. He wants a macro to be actuated using 2 button inputs instead of being assigned to just one. Currently I do not think there is a way for that method to be done in CUE's current macro system.
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