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iCUE 3.1.133 - Release Notes?


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I woke my computer up this morning and a few things happened.


First, iCUE crashed immediately. Once I re-launched it, I was prompted to install an update, which appears to have gone successfully.


Looking forward to seeing the release notes, as the only major issue I am having isn't resolved.


Similar to 3.1.131, my profile isn't being applied on wake with version 3.1.133.


K95 Platinum lights up, M65 Pro lights up - but only 1 of 4 HD120's (with a partial rainbow, 10 of 12 LEDs) and 0 of 4 LED strips, all connected to a CLCP, work on wake.


Really hoping to see this get fixed in the next release.


Logs are attached, and were pulled after a wake from sleep.

iCUE Logs.zip

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I just hope they fixed the 1 pixel vertical line bug on the right side of the screen..


If it's related to the problem I have, where it seems to cause other windows to think they aren't maximized and therefore mouseclicks don't work properly if the mouse is over to the far right (to scroll) then it isn't fixed.


It is the most ridiculous bug I have come across on software. I uninstalled icue because of this the first time. I have just downloaded it again and updated it to the latest version in the hope it would be fixed, but no, it's still doing it! I have uninstalled icue again, and the problem disappears.


Very disappointing!

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