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Custom backlight stops when rebooting the computer


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I use the Corsair Utility Engine to set a custom backlight pattern, for example all keys off except the scroll ones. That works perfectly as long as the Corsair Utility Engine is running on the system tray. However, if I reboot the computer, or if I lock my session with Windows key + L, the backlight pattern switches to the default one (all keys red except WASD+arrows). Once the operating system it completely booted up or if I login again, my custom pattern is restored.


It looks like the keyboard doesn't have a memory by itself to store the custom settings, so requires the software to be live to keep the custom backlight. Is there any way to change this behavior so my custom backlight is kept between computer reboots or if I connect it to another notebook?


I moved from my Logitech G610 Orion Brown to the Corsair because had a similar issue with it, and now looks like this has the same problem.

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If the keyboard could store the custom RGB profiles on its own flash memory, it wouldn't require the computer to be live. From your answer I deduct that there is no such memory inside the keyboard, so it requires to be permanently connected to use the custom profile?


A way to implement it could be the following: long press the "Windows key lock" for 3 seconds, that would transfer the custom profile from Corsair Utility Engine to the keyboard's own memory and be persistent, so even if closing windows it would be kept no matter what. This is the way SteelSeries keyboards work on MSI notebooks. Once you disable the backlight, for example, it's kept like that no matter you reboot the computer or boot linux or whatever. This is how it should be done.


I have also the Logitech G610 Orion Brown, and it behaves almost like the Corsair. It's always messing around with the backlight. Hate these half-way solutions playing cheap.


Corsair, you can improve this for future hardware, it's something quite basic.

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Depending on the keyboard you have, there may not be the option to save to the keyboard memory. Check out the second post in this thread to see if it's there http://forum.corsair.com/v3/showthread.php?t=175919


Thanks a lot for the tip, unfortunately, my Corsair K65 LUX RBG doesn't have the save icon, so can't do anything about it. It's not a low-end keyboard precisely to have such thing missing.

Corsair Utility Engine version is 2.24.35



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Ok finally solved. The save icon is not in the "LIGHTING EFFECTS" tab, but in the "Default" upper tab, where you actually select the current profile. There is the save icon.


My custom profile is to have all backlight off, so what I did is to set the profile accordingly, then iterate the backlight button accordingly to set it off so the backlight of the button itself stays off too. Then click save and now it works. I can log off the computer or reboot and it stays always off.




Lighting effects for current custom profile, all backlights off.




Current profile main tab, visible button to "Save Static Lighting, DPI, and Performance to Device"

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