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high temp 4790k with h110 i


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i have vii ranger mother board

4790k cpu ( turbo mode on )

cpu cooler : h110i gtx

case : 750D



in ideal and cpu load <10%

cpu temp is more than 35-40 !

in full load the max temp was 98 !


where is the problem ?

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What is the H110i GTX Temp (coolant temperature) in Corsair Link? (probably about 35C)


What is you approximate room and case temperature? The coolant can only be as low as the local temperature.


What happens to the H110i GTX Temp when you run a heavy CPU only load? Does it go up very quickly? Does it take a long time to cool off?

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Nowhere near enough information to provide any kind of answer to this.


What is the vCore at load?

What is the coolant temperature?

What is the ambient temperature?

Is the cooler intake or exhaust?

What GPU? (Hint: Fill out your system details fully.)

How are you testing "full load"?

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