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Overclocking Vengeance 2x8

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Bought 2 sticks of 2x8 3.2mhz

Enabled XMP and got 1600mhz via Speccy which is 3200mhz? The BIOS says the same that current speed at 3200mhz, although I ran a command in DOS "cmd wmic memorychip get speed" and got 2133 twice.


Anyway, I watched a video -




The differences between the speeds are quite noticeable, but I get the exact same FPS with XMP disabled.:sigh!:

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1600MHz is the memory frequency for DDR4-3200. You can check it with CPU-Z memory tab, which does list it as DRAM frequency and in general is very reliable with its readings.


If you don't see any minimum or average FPS gains your settings might be GPU limited. Then either lower the graphic settings or test performance with another app or benchmark.

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Hello DanielVF,


emissary42 is correct. Reading 1600mhz is correct. DDR (Double Data Rate) memory requires two modules running in tandem to run at the rated speed.


Also, higher speed memory doesn't always help with average FPS but can really help with mininum FPS providing an overall smoother gameplay. It's always best to test with other programs as emissary42 also suggested.

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