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Looking for Headphones...


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Hello everybody,


I seem to have a silly problem.


I used to not pay much attention to stuff I use, so generally I was fine with pretty much random hardware, that is, relatively cheap keyboard, mouse and so on.

Recently though, I began looking for a more serious set of devices and I started with replacing the keyboard.


After browsing the internets I bumped into Corsair products and the reviews were generally good (bundled with Razer vs Corsair wars in the comments heh), so even though Razer seemed to be more well-known and stuff, I decided to stick to something else-- and Corsair keyboards seemed more appealing. In the end I decided to buy K95 RGB Platinum. No regrets on that one; I have it for few months now and I do really love that keyboard.


Now getting to the point;

I'm planning to replace pretty much everything I have and since Corsair's software "CUE" suggests other products, I was thinking, that it could be a good idea to just buy the whole set it suggests. That way, I would have everything nicely synced and configurable in one software, rather than installing tons of random programs or something.


The mouse (Glaive), mouse pad (MM800 Polaris), headphones (VOID PRO) and the headset stand (ST100) look and sound really appealing to me, so I'll be leaning towards these, unless there is something I should be aware of...



I would prefer to not get disappointed, because I'm really looking forward to Corsair's products thanks to that keyboard. The main reason I'm worried is the fact, that I saw some products negatively commented-- and there seem to be plenty of these, such as that chair or some mouse models I've bumped into. At that point I'm just not sure anymore...


Either way, the reason I'm making this thread are the questions I have about the headphones. That's where I got confused the most.


In the first place I've been watching reviews of the VOID PRO headphones in general - -and it seems, that things are kind of okay there, right?


However, I do have a silly problem now. I'm wondering if I should get wired or the wireless ones. (or totally different headphones perhaps???)

I know the wireless are way more comfortable due to lack of cable, but it has to come at some cost, doesn't it?


I'd like to ask few questions, if that would be okay...


1. Is there any hearable quality difference between wireless and wired VOID PRO headphones? I'm aware, that microphone output is drastically worse than in wired ones (I don't care about the mic by the way), but what about the sound from headphones itself? Besides that sliiiiiiiiight sound delay scaled in milliseconds, that is.


2. What about the battery life? From what I know, the batteries cannot be replaced, so I'm wondering on how long they would do their job. That would be just lame, if the headphones started to die way quicker after one year, for example. I heard mixed opinions regarding the battery life.


3. I assume I can charge and use the headphones at the same time?


4. What about charging these? Would that be okay if I'd leave these charging for the whole night or do I have to watch out for how long I'm charging these? I mean, when it comes to PC, you can do pretty much everything there and personally I think I'd be using these a lot, so I wouldn't be surprised if I'd have to charge these every single day or something. Would that quickly ruin the battery life?

Personally I was thinking of something like this: Using during the day; charging during the night; everyday, just to have it ready to use. I'm aware that behavior may cause harm to batteries, but some devices seem to be kind of smart there. For example, my phone is not complaining about that- It's been few years now and I didn't notice any battery-life loss - it still can constantly play music through bluetooth for 16+ hours -- I listen to music at work and one full charge is perfectly enough for 2 days.


5. More like a suggestion, rather than question, but I get gaming headphones tend to have microphones, but is there any chance you'd consider giving an option to choose mic-less versions in future? You see, microphones on headphones are pretty bad in regards to quality, I totally prefer to have a legit quality microphone in front of me rather than struggle with quality - and at that point the magical stick-- horn -- feels completely unnecessary. I think I just didn't get used to it- it just feels weird- 'me not like it'. Perhaps I should look into typical headphones, rather than 'gaming' ones, but well, I don't think gaming definition has mic+headphones rule.


And that's all I think..

Considering my worries above, would you recommend getting the wireless headphones or aren't they up to task? While I'm not a fan of cables in headphones, I'd prefer this over constantly-dying battery && lower quality or something and generally having to be worried about the battery.


Or should I just consider looking for something else? Outside Corsair, that is. Yes, I know it's not the place to talk about non-Corsair products, but I think it's better to be fair and say, than things are still work in progress, rather than have an unhappy consumer, that will be spreading bad opinion, due to wasted money, don't you think? Sorry if that sounds kind of offensive, but that's not what I meant.


So, what is your experience with Corsair products? Any issues?


These things aren't that cheap, so I would like to avoid experimenting- It's not that I'm picky, I just want to be proud of purchase, like I'm now with that keyboard.


Could I ask for some honest opinions?

Are Corsair products solid or are there some derps around? If Void Pro aren't problematic, which one would work better?

I plan to buy things soon, but I want to be sure first.


Thank you for understanding and reading; sorry for that wall of text and for my English, it isn't my native language.

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  • Corsair Employees

First off, you won't be disappointed by going with a full Corsair setup since they will all work with our ecosystem for full lighting control and monitoring.


1) All Void Pro headsets use the same drivers in the earcups, and provide the same sound quality, even over wireless.


2) The batteries should last at least 2 years for the full length of the warranty. Should you experience severe degradation during the warranty period, you can have the headset replaced through our RMA process.


3) For those extended gaming sessions that the battery drains completely, it can be used and charged at the same time. All audio is sent through the dongle, and the cable only charges the headset.


4) Everyone's charging habits are different. I usually drain mine fully every few charges, then charge uninterrupted overnight. They can be left charging without any issues.


5) We have received similar feedback from other users, and will look into this for future releases. The Void Pro model does feature an improved mic over the last generation, and has received a lot of positive feedback.


Battery life and longevity can vary, but not by much. The headset should last well past the length of the warranty period. And if something happens within the 2-years, we can work with you through the RMA process to have the headset replaced.

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Thank you for replying, Nick;


I see. Well since I have a keyboard of yours, I think I'll just stick to your products, so I'm planning to purchase everything at once probably even today. I do like the design, so I think it's worth to give it all a try. I hope everything will go well, as I tend to have a really bad luck when it comes to technology, even though I handle things with care.


Getting back to the questions I've asked...


1) No difference at all? I mean, I'm just curious, as I have never used wireless headphones before (other than these single bluetooth headphones for one ear; for mobile phones) . I always preferred solid connection and quality through the cables. There's absolutely no difference between Void Pro Wired and Wireless headsets? The minimal delay scaled in milliseconds is the only loss in terms of quality then?


My friends also suggested picking the solid wired version for better experience and I think I'll pick these? Though I'm not gonna lie, that wireless option would be way more convenient when it comes to headphones. Wires aren't a problem in mouses, keyboards etc., but cables coming from headphones not only are heavily inconvenient, but also dangerous to some degree.


Eh.. seems like a simple decision, yet I have troubles... I still can't really decide..


2) To be honest even these 2 years aren't that much and having to buy new headset instead of just battery feels awkward- that's a waste of product. The warranty sounds promising, but since I live in Poland, I imagine that process would be slightly more complicated, as well as the cost slightly higher. To be honest I'm not oriented well, as I've never shipped anything abroad myself, but that distance doesn't sound appealing. I'm afraid it wouldn't be worth the effort, would it?


3) Sounds good, though a perfect solution would be replaceable batteries -- two batteries and the charging station bundled with the headset. Or- the charging station implemented in the headphone stand of yours, for a perfect teamwork of these two products (one advertising/suggesting the other one, duh!) I believe that's something everybody would love, totally including myself. That's when we all could talk about real wireless headset, heh.


Either way charging through relatively long cable works too.


4) So there is a protection against overcharging? --and leaving it plugged in wouldn't harm the battery, nor unnecessarily drain too much of power?


It really depends on how long they would work - but I can imagine having to recharge them everyday or every two days-- not even because of gaming, but due to listening to music. That's what makes me worried. Being able to recharge these everyday through the nights to always have these ready for work, without any issues would be a great solution, but not sure how the battery would handle that.


5) It's just that I use a standalone microphone, so I'm afraid, that the mic on the headset won't be needed at all, so having to pay some extra money for that feature feels awkward, if you know what I mean.

Well, simple logic, if the microphone itself costs even more than the headphones with a microphone, then there has to be something behind that, right? :P

So with that being said, I'm not going to critique the quality of the microphone in this headset, as it's kind of a different category. If there would be a really decent mic, they'd have to cost about twice as much.


It all really depends on what the user wants and I belong to the group, that doesn't need the mic on the headset. Well, perhaps rarely I'd have some use from it... Only if that would be detachable... That would be a good solution, otherwise it'll be just pointing upwards for no reason, heh.




Why I have a feeling, that things would not go well for me in case if my battery wouldn't survive long enough? :P

Or what if these would decide to die right after these 2 years? Move headset to recycle bin just because of batteries? :P


I really handle things with care and my devices are doing fine even after 5+ years, so 2 years will just fly by so fast.. If batteries will be basically the only factor of headset's life, then that will be worrying me more than anything else. Even if I'd be about to buy new things (and I'll probably be), I can always give the ones I have to somebody else, as 2 years aren't really that much.


Either way, thank you for your time. Your answers sound appealing, yet I still can't really decide if I should pick the wired or wireless version. How silly of me...


The wired version would probably be more solid and compatible, where wireless would give much more comfort... Ah, can't believe that choice bothers me that much.

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I just ordered a wall of your products and decided to get the wired version of Void Pro.


Perhaps the next models you'll release will encourage me to go wireless, such as more convenient battery management.


Thank you for your time either way, help appreciated. ~ Nevertheless I'm still curious about the questions I've asked.

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