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Identify connector on Cc800d-sata6kit board


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I've had problems with the hotswap board in my 800D for years. I had fixed it with a zip-tie and gaffer tape, but now it's not staying connected no matter what I do. I know these boards aren't being made, but the only problem with it is the SATA connector on the board. I believe that I have the skills to desolder it and re-attach a new one, but I don't know what part to buy to attach.


I was hoping someone else here has the knowledge of what replacement part would be compatible with the board.


To be 100% clear, I've attached a photo showing the part that I want.


Thanks in advance for any advice,


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That looks close. I'm not sure about the offset pins on the bottom. Also, it looks like the one on the CC800D has pins on the ends and in the middle, which are how it's mounted (there are no screws, but there is solder for all three locations.


I found this one that has a pin in the middle, but not on the sides. And the wires are straight through:





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