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B350 MORTAR MSI 3600MHZ ram timings help


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Hello guys! so ive been at it allllll weekend i just cant seem to get into windows with 3600mhz :( i get it to post fine every time with:CMR16GX4M2C3600C18W

3600MHZ =

DDR voltage 1.4V

Cpu nb/SoC V 1.20V

CPU Ryzen 2400G 3.9Ghz @ 1.4V

Timings 15 16 16 16 36 ProcODT 60 Ohm rest all auto

my windows blue screens me evey time what can i do i need a genius here to help me and please dont say 3600 is impossible they said 2933 would be lucky on this board im at 3466MHZ stable with 1.4V and 15 15 15 15 36 rest auto

lets break the 3600 Mhz mark guys any suggestions that i can try?::pirate::


Note if i go up and down a little on the timings it seems to either not post or be very unreliable at posting so either im in a timing sweet spot or way off maybe im just missing something small i know she can crack 3600 im sure of it help please!!!

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