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Harpoon rgb?


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what is this mouse?


I was told by so many people to get it



I get mine and the laser is so cheap if I make a quick movement I spaz out and looking directly at the floor, Considering I play csgo competetivly this isn't on, it has cost me numerous clutches and tbh ruined my game, how can it spaz out so much? ive force installed the drivers over and over, set the dpi lower, still no change, cant get a refund neither as amazon take there sweet time about things and I cant not have a mouse, your keyboard on the otherhand is amazing!


Ive raised a ticket about this more then 2 days ago and still no reply,


Hopefuly I hear something from you guys soon and sorry to post in here but I'm frustrated I just wanna play a game without mouse spasms!

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Like I tell my own post. Harpoon RGB have sensor with 3500 dpi native lock. so .. if use other dpi , it's interpolated that. Not smooth moving examples 400-800 dpi is terrible feeling.

I use now other manufactured mouse (~100€) , very Smooth every dpi what I tested.

I think corsair have to do some firmware fix. But I do not use corsair anymore, so I don't care.

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