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Corsair RMA problems


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Hi recently i submitted a rma for a corsair H100i GTX CW-9060021-WW, the radiator starting flaking out and breaking apart when trying to clean it.

Corsair sent a replacement which was the H100i CW-9060009-WW an older model of the Hydro series.

I contacted customer support and the customer rep keeps insisting that the H100i GTX and the H100i v1 is the same product and my replacement is justified, although anyone can clearly see they are two different products even the product number is different.

Someone clearly made a mistake in shipping out the replacement and now they are trying to save grace by saying they sent the correct replacement.

I am accustom buying corsair products from there memory modules, power supply, even cases, and have submitted rma's in the past without problems,never expected this from them.

This experience have left a sour taste in my mouth,hope a corsair rep can help me here



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