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Carbide 200R half of front connector panel triggers power switch


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I've just finished assembling a new system using this chassis, and the accessory panel that has the USB ports, audio jacks, and power/reset button appears to trip the power switch if I touch any part of the frame around it.

For example, if the computer is off, and I press on the panel just beneath the audio jacks, it will turn it on.

It appears to be sensitive from the middle of the panel, all the way to the frame immediately surrounding the power button itself. The attached picture is an example of me showing where I'm pressing and it still triggers the power switch.

I have tried disconnecting all the auxiliary connections to the front panel except the power switch, and the problem persists (USB, Audio, LEDs, reset switch)

Is this some bizarro design that isn't documented, or do I need to start an RMA, and if I'm doing an RMA, can I just get a replacement panel, rather than disassembling/reassembling the whole system?


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