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Trouble With Shipping Purchasing a k70


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I have looked into buying A K70 Keyboard from the Corsair website, and I would like the nordic (ND) layout version. This isnt available as far as I see on the US site, so I have switched it to the Europe site to be able to view it. This creates the problem that I am not able to ship my purchase to the United States where I live.

If there was any way to work this out I would appreciate help,


I also didn't know if I was adding this in the right place or not and I apologize if I didn't.


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I really check by googling and this forum, what happens just now. all corsair keyboard have lot of problems, USB driver / firmware problem (windows 10).

Examples k55/k70 , corsair not fixed freeze leds, 2 years of time to fix :(

Games freeze / slow start so on...


So if you really like to buy it, I hope you best lucky.

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