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asus p5gd1 4 simms memory cl 2,5 problem


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Hallo from athens greece


I own a asus p5gd1 motherboard with 4 simms kingston pc3200 cl 2,5 512 mb each memory

I faced a lot of random crashes without knowing which was the reason

After a lot of searcing i found that there is an memory incompatiblility problem.

From asus the advise was to use only 2 simms.Using those two kingston simms i didn;t face any problem.

In order to have the old four simm configuration i decided to sold kingston and to buy a corsair value select two kits 1 gb (2x512 mb) kit.

From the store that i bought the simms i was advised that not to buy 4 simms but only 2 because 4 simms with asus it is problems.

According to qvl from asus i can use 4 simms vs512mb400 (which as far as i know is cl 2,5)

Up to now i use the new corsair 2x512 mb kti without problem


My question is that


Could i use 4 corsair simms vs512mb400 or i can use only two.

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  • Corsair Employees
Well you are welcome to try it, and if you do I would suggest you set the Dim Voltage to 2.75 Volts and that you have at least a 500 Watt PSU. A better choice if you need 2 gig of memory would be VS2GBKit400 as that would be 2 1.0 Gig modules and less loading on the chipset.
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Thank you very much for your reply


the problem is that i want to try but in case of problems the store didn't get the siims back.


my psu is tagan 480 w.


And i was looking to find here in athens a 2 gb kit but was difficult to find.


I don't know if the 1 gb ram is covering my needs.


I use the pc for



office software

dvd ripping

flying simulators games


what is your opinion

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thank you very much for your reply


I allready have bought 2x512 mb VALUE SELECT PC3200 which are running without problem.


But the store said that with 4 simms i will have problems.

So the store cannot garrantie that i will work with 4 simms without problems.


Awaiting your answer in order to procced in buying an additional pair of 512 mb value select pc3200.


Best Regards


Nikos Mamagakis

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  • Corsair Employees
Asus p5gd1 does not show a memory QVL list so I can see if they have tested this MB with 4 modules. But as a rule I normally do not suggest running 4 modules on any MB. But we have tested 4of these modules on several MB's with out problems. But as I said before you would need a bigger PSU and I would set the Dim Voltage to 2.75 Volts as well.
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I found this thread looking for the answer to a similar question. I too was hoping to use four 512 dimms in order to make up 2GB of system ram, however this plan was thrown into doubt when I downloaded the manual for the mobo.


The chart on page 28 (1-14) lists VS512MB400 as being suitable for configurations A and B, but not C (as described below).


A: Supports one module inserted into either slot, in a single-channel memory configuration.


B: Supports one pair of modules inserted into either the blue slots or the black slots as one pair of dual-channel memory configuration.


C: Support for 4 modules inserted into the blue and black slots as two pairs of dual channel memory configuration.


So, it looks like the ole Ram Guy hunch was correct, it's just not going to be possible. :[pouts: I've not purchased anything yet, I merely write this in the hope that maybe google will index it for future reference or someone will do a forum search here as I did.

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If you need 2.0 Gig of memory I would suggest VS2GBKit400 instead.


Yeah, I thought that was a plan too having seen you mention it earlier. Then I tried to find somewhere in the UK that sells it. What a mission!


I'm off to get some kip now, but if you happen to know anywhere that does sell that kit in the UK (I've tried Scan, ebuyer, novatech, pcindex.co.uk, simply.co.uk and froogle, all of which told me to bog off) then you can have a virtual pint on me. :D:

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