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HX1000i - wiggling the power cord eliminates USB noise.

Black Hole Box

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I've been troubleshooting a noise issue coming through USB to an external DAC and separate headphone amp for a month now. As a last resort, I put on the headphones and turned the amp's gain to maximum and started fiddling with cords and cables while it loudly buzzed, and discovered that moving the PSU power cord at the PSU completely eliminates all noise, at least for a few moments until it seems to settle back down in the socket. I am using the 14ga cord that came with the PSU, but I have tried others, both 14ga and 16ga, all which exhibit the same behavior, so I'm certain it's not the cord itself.


What is going on here and is there any way to make this "fix" permanent? The PSU is touching the metal of the case and is plugged into a properly grounded outlet. A few more symptoms in case they are helpful: moving the mouse modulates the noise, and putting a load on the GPU dramatically increases the noise.

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