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iCUE & Old Link Features


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first of all I'm impressed by iCUE, I installed it since the first public release and really enjoying it. It's working better and faster on my system compared to the older CUE+Link combo! It's a great piece of kit!


I used Link quite a lot as a monitoring software and I loved the ability to open the "bigger" graph for any temps or fan speed while being also able to read the MAX value recorded. That was very useful during load/stress tests and checking the system after a gaming session, for example.


Any idea if this is going to be implemented into iCUE?


(Or maybe is working yet but I'm unable to find how to...;):)




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I've had the same observation and request as well. I'd like to see Min and Max (as in Link) as well as Average ... and be able to reset the values.


Thanks for the heads up, good stuff! I imagined someone noticed that as well!

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