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Corsair Link Issues


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Hello guys,

So I have been having issues with corsair link recently. At boot, fans will ramp up, and stay at random RMP, then jump to the configured fan curve, for no reason. Sometimes it will stay at a random rmp until manually set to a fan curve, sometimes they will just randomly increase in speed and then decrease to set RPM or fan curve. They are pretty inconsistent ( see screenshots below)

I also observed the pump speed fluctuating quite a bit, don't think it is normal.

And lastly, my LL 120 RGB, at boot, will stay off until turned back on, and will usually turn off on their own randomly while the system is on.


Any ideas on how to fix or troubleshoot this? Any help will be appreciated.

Below my setup for the fans and some screens illustrating the problem.


My lightning node pro ( which controls the rgb on my 4 LL 120 fans) is connected to the commander pro. My h115i ( with 2xML140) is connected to the commander pro( usb cable) and the CPU fan header. The commander also controls the 4 LL120s fan speed.





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