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PTT stops working randomly while using CUE?

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So I've got all corsair products for keyboard, mouse and headset. (K95 plat, glaive, void pro). Loving them to bits. Had them since January. CUE has been effortless and amazing. Until these past couple weeks. For some reason, Push To Talk will stop working in the middle of games. I'm using Mouse Button 4 on the Glaive. I continuously have to close CUE in order to get ptt to work again. I don't have to rebind anything, it just works once it's closed. Now I want to use CUE cos the stock RGB settings on my keyboard is a spiraling disco party, and I'd prefer to not have that. It's just getting really annoying to close cue and reopen ever 15 minutes.


Does anyone know what's going on? or any fixes?


*Edit* yes CUE is up to date, and yes i have reinstalled

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