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Corsair Twinx 3200LL Need RMA


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Had These twin-x Modules nearly 2 years running rock stable at 400(2 x 512mb) with auto timings.


Put them in an Asus Av8 939 board 4 months ago. Things were fine until last week.


Standard FSB (200)

Tried auto voltage, and even bumped it up 2 notches.

Auto timings. (rams specs are 2-2-2-6-t1 listed On chip) Even tried those.


Problem was I got freezing, video corruption, and reboots.

I have Vantec Stealth 550w PS and these components worked flawless the last 3 1/2 months.


I suspect a chip has died so.


Ran memtest 86. after a 3 hour loop had 26 errors on the same address with both sticks in.


Reran Memtest 86 with just 1 stick in. No errors.

Reran memtest with the Other stick in and the good taken out and got 10 errors over a 90 min test.


Looks like a bad stick.


Since I purchased this 1 gig Kit together, do I need to send BOTH sticks back RMA? (I would assume so)


Heres the Specs.


(2) CMX 512-3200LL




Timings on Sticker Low Latency 2-2-2-6-t1


I guess I need an RMA #



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