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Corsair TwinX (2x CMX512-3200C2) error on A7n8x


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I have a problem with my Corsair Twinx memory. When I install them in Dual Channel Mode I cannot boot the system (black screen only). If I install one module only, the system boots. But it is always the same module that works, with the other one my system still doesn't boot even in single channel mode.


I tried memory banks 1 & 3 and 2 & 3, still the same result.


In Bios I have the settings 3-3-8 and 2,7 DDR Volts.


I also tried memtest with the one module that is still working, but got also 5 error messages there (count 5 always the same error).


Do you mean that the memory is certainly defect?


I live in Germany, I don't know if it's better to contact my reseller or to send the modules directly to Corsair US.


Thank You



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