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Compaq Evo N1015v with Value Select?


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I am in the process of updating my laptop :sunglasse and I was wanting to know if I could use the Corsair Value Select VS512SD333 MEMORY chip, in my Evo.

It currently have a 256MB memory chip, but as far as I am aware it is a 2100PC (266), this was in the laptop when I brought it.


I have spoken to HP, and they are saying, you can as long as it is compatible and all that will happen, is that the faster memory will be slowed down by the first. All I can do is try it and see! :confused:


So really I just want to know if I can use it and really where I stand, as to whether or not what HP is saying is correct.




UmmUzair :):

I will appreciate all help, as the slowness of my laptop is driving me nuts!!! :eek:

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Thanks RAM Guy for the feedback!! :sunglasse

As far as HP are concerned, I can try and see if it works, but my manual says that it should be PC2100.

I have looked on quite a few sites and there was only one that suggested using DDR 333, it had no mention what so ever of DDR266, which I found a little wierd.

If I try using just the DDR333, and its not right, will anything happen to my laptop?.....actually it's notebook now isn't it.

Perhaps it would be better for me to get the right one and then just sell the DDR333 on?

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Hmmm Ok then, I will try that then I think and move from there.

Sorry, I'm not terrible with computers but this is on another level!!!

A good lesson for me though :):

By the way, what on earth is Low Profile RAM????

Is it to do with size or frequency?? I have heard 2 versions, and is it useful on a notebook??

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